Mold is a versatile fungus present nearly everywhere. All it needs is a little moisture to start growing. Mold can thrive in high humidity areas and can attach to food, carpeting, paper and wood—anything organic. When mold spores are present in the air it can cause allergies and respiratory problems in many individuals. With mold being so prevalent, it’s hard to avoid but there are ways to decrease the fungus from being a health concern in your home or building.

Easy fixes to help prevent or eliminate the growth of mold include reducing the indoor humidity levels to 30-50%, utilizing exhaust vents, fixing any water leaks, using a dehumidifier and increasing ventilation. Detergent and water can clean mold off non-porous surfaces. Replace absorbent materials covered in mold. Avoid carpeting around sinks, washers, showers/tubs and water fountains.